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1.Complete nirvana painting a tiger

Five dynasties painting tiger famous through the company since the childhood like painting, especially like painting a tiger, but not having seen the tiger really, always painted sick cats, the tiger so he decided to enter the mountains, visit the tiger, really experienced untold hardships, with the help of Orion's uncle, finally met the tiger really, through a lot of sketch copy, the painting techniques by leaps and bounds, tiger's tiger lifelike, a few can be spurious. Since then, and spent most of his time visited many famous mountains and great rivers, see more birds beast, finally become a generation of masters.

2.Xu xiake aim at the world

One day, the river a strange thing happened, a lot of people in the salvage of shishi drowning, but how also can not find. At this time, a man named xu xiake child said, as long as the river and go up, can find the stone lion. Shishi indeed found, everyone praised the intelligent child. He is grow up to be the great geographer and traveller xu xiake.

3.Hua tuo word

Hua tuo, characters, and the eastern han dynasty last years, The Three Kingdoms period of countries (now anhui recommend her county) people, is our country ancient famous therapists. Hua tuo invented "hemp boiling away", is a kind of very effective general anesthesia, one thousand six hundred years earlier than western drugs, hua tuo's contribution to the world of medicine is enormous. Don't think hua tuo life down is offering, hua tuo to study medicine when I was young, experienced untold hardships.

4.Huang-fu mi prodigal son

Huang-fu mi, wei, jin and people, is a famous western scholars and scientists. Huang-fu mi play bad exceptions as a kid, people in the village called little overlord, once, his old home doormat will shovel off the bark of Chinese jujube, makes the jujube tree wither, the whole village to see him, all ignore him, under the education of the aunt, huang-fu mi prodigal son finally, become a useful person.

5..Sima guang p pillow self-help

Sleep-ins sima guang is a naughty child, so he didn't punish and fellow mocked by Mr, less under the inculcation of Mr., he is determined to get rid of the bad habit of sleep, in order to get up early, he drank the lucozade water before going to bed, the results were not suppress wake in the morning, but the urine out of bed, so clever with garden wood made a police pillow sima guang, a turn in the morning, head down on the bed board, woke up naturally, from then on, he gets up early every day to study, perseverance, finally became a knowledgeable, wrote "History As A Mirror" big literary giant.

6.Zhang sanfeng chong tai chi

Zhang sanfeng, name one, also known as real, sanfeng, yuanyuan son again, because the slovenly, also known as a sloppy, liaodong taken state (now liaoning ZhangWu southwest), the cases of the Ming dynasty were dubbed "micro manifest reality". About his legend was once widely spread in the folk, and even regard him as the gods. We all know that tai chi chuan? The greatest characteristic of tai chi chuan is soft with just! Do you know how to create zhang sanfeng of tai chi chuan? The film is to say, it is the story.

7.Zhuge liang to feed the chicken

Zhuge liang, the bore is clear, the eastern han dynasty three kingdoms period, xuzhou reed {langya} county Yang county people, is a famous statesman and strategist in the history of our country. If you have seen the romance of The Three Kingdoms, must not forget zhuge liang. So far, the wisdom of zhuge liang has been celebrated by later generations, many people even regard him as the embodiment of the wisdom. But you know, in the various ge is bright when I was a child, to go to school, had some stories, fun!

8.Xuan zang laboured at the dharma

Xuan was a monk in the tang dynasty, in order to obtain the original buddhist scriptures, xuan zang from drawing 3 August leave changan, wanli, sail to the west for buddhist scriptures, finally reach India, seventeen years, the author of "the datang western region", buddhist and human progress, and made a great contribution to world civilization.

9.Yue fei who

National hero yue fei especially troubled times, have been GuPin, under the funding of citizen, thanks to shaanxi famous Zhou Tong kung fu, period, the witness was broken, displaced people, who had sprouted patriotic ambition, overcame the complacency emotions. Through summer and winter, hard not compose, under the guidance of teacher Zhou Tong, wife finally developed family to rob, and led the Wang Gui, show partners such as soup, add to the flow of gold of saving the nation and patriotism.




















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